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Who Are We?

My name is Sam and I am the owner/founder of The IV Team of Arizona.

I have been a pediatric nurse for 8 years and wanted to create a company that could help people outside of the hospital. Our team is composed of highly qualified registered nurses who are experienced in the art of starting IV's and all IV therapy services.

Our mobile iv protocols and order sets are provided by a Nurse Practitioner who is always looking out for our patients best interest. Many of our staff members are trained in a pediatric emergency room setting and can tackle any difficult IV stick that may arise. Our mobile IV services can handle even the most difficult sticks.

Our goal, at The IV Team of Arizona, is to provide you fast, convenient, friendly, and comfortable service in whatever setting you desire.

Are you at home and want to stay in bed or lounge on the couch? We come to you!

Are you at work and feeling run down and need a pick me up during your day? We come to you!

Our primary goal is to keep you healthy and feeling good. We will talk you through all the procedures we perform, and educate you on WHY we are administering our vitamins including B 12 and medications to you. If at any time you would like a fully customized treatment plan, please reach out to our office line directly (602) 600-0868 to speak with our medical team. The IV Team of Arizona is here for you and our mission is to heal and hydrate state 48!

Meet Your NP

Kelly Ranahan


Kelly comes with 26 years experience as an RN in the Emergency Dept and Critical care setting. She earned her advanced degree from Walden University and started practicing as a Nurse Practitioner with a specialty in Family practice.

She has many years experience in treating the acutely ill and has a passion for wellness and incorporates these ideas into her daily practice.